Our state is truly at a crossroads – do we move forward with the commonsense priorities that have revived our state, or go backward into another lost decade? I’m running to put Michigan on the right track.

Jobs & Paychecks

Our state is primed with so much talent and opportunity. With the right approach in Lansing, Bronwyn believes we can quickly and safely bounce back from the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus. Bronwyn will cut red tape and stop efforts to burden Michigan families and small businesses with higher taxes.

Invest in Education

Bronwyn attended Kalamazoo Valley Community College before transferring and receiving her degree from the University of Michigan. Bronwyn knows first-hand the importance of a quality education and is committed to helping every Michigan child achieve their full potential. That’s why Bronwyn will demand public education is a funding priority, supporting smaller class sizes and pay raises for teachers.

Make Lansing Work for Us

Elected Officials must work for us, not personally profit at the expense of taxpayers. Bronwyn will hold fellow legislators accountable to the taxpayers and strengthen Michigan’s ethics laws.

Fighting for More Affordable Healthcare

As State Representative, Bronwyn will work with anyone, regardless of party, to lower the cost of health insurance, keep decisions between patients and doctors, lower prescription drugs costs and Bronwyn will ALWAYS demand that we protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.